Fashion | Playing the Field – Behind the Scenes



What better way to celebrate the beginning of term and the Varsity games than with a photo shoot fashion-packed to the brim with the season’s hottest sporty styles? All armed with cameras, lipsticks and bags of clothes, the fashion team set off to the grounds of Weetwood to shoot this year’s first LSi fashion pages. As Varsity was approaching (and therefore another victory for Leeds Met…) it was inevitable for us to do our first fashion shoot surrounded by hockey pitches, gym changing rooms and a lot of hunky footballers.

Style Editors, Olivia and Emma had already hand-picked the outfits the previous day, after a whole day of running around the shops, snapping up the must-have pieces for pure athletic style . Our Fashion Editor, Danielle made sure all was running smoothly and specified what kind of looks she wanted in the paper whilst our gorgeous model, Anna strutted her stuff to the sound of wolf whistles in the background coming from the rugby team. After a whole day with our photographer, Alice getting snappy happy and the end result is a gorgeous three-page spread and a huge urge to join the women’s football team.

If sporty chic isn’t your cup of tea, we’ve got great ways of incorporating it into your style without looking like you’ve just spent the afternoon in the gym. Try pairing your favourite heels or boots with a baggy baseball top for effortless cool, or take your pick of the High street’s dozens of sports tops for that all-American High school look. However you can never go wrong with a trusty pair of Converses or Nike trainers – high-tops are the ultimate essential for your university wardrobe!

Laura Forrest

Photography: Danielle Jaques, Fashion Editor

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