News | Tequila backs down over rape video

Student club night Tequila has backed down following controvery over their latest promotional videoand its use of rape culture to promote the night. The team behind the night has issued an apology on Facebook, over the video, entitled ‘Freshers Violation’.

In the video, club goers tell a presenter how they’re going to “violate” freshers, by raping, fisting, and taking advantage of them. Following removal of the original video, LS obtained the uncut audio, which the paper were later forced to remove following threats of legal action from Tequila UK.

The statement, issued on the club night’s Facebook page, describes the video’s content as “deplorable and completely despicable”, with the night apologising “unreservedly for the offence that has been caused”.

Tequila UK claim that whilst the fault may lie with the public for saying what they said, or the videographer for choosing the final cut, the club night themselves are ultimately accountable for the comments being released into the public domain: “we will take full responsibility.”

“We categorically do not think it is acceptable or appropriate to normalise, excuse, tolerate or condone rape or any sexual offence of any sort and we are taking this situation very seriously”.

According to the statement, procedures will be put in place to change their marketing policies, acknowledging that it is not just the latest video that has caused offence.

Leeds MP Hilary Benn has now been urged to step in and close Tequila UK down. In a letter from Leeds City Council employee Amy Smith, seen by HuffPost UK, she asks for the Labour MP’s support in “addressing the growing ‘rape culture and ‘rape banter'”.

Meanwhile, LS is petitioning for Mezz to cease hosting Tequila on a Thursday, and urges all students who disagree with their forms of promotion to sign below:

Rosanna Pound-Woods

Image: Property of Tequila UK

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