Fashion I Men's Corner – The Camo Trend

The weather has changed, winter is looming and as we prepare to fight a cold war of our own, camouflage print is the perfect armour. Despite its critics, this summer trend is soldiering on into winter and it’s about time we bought into it.

Although we all long for the Acne camo paint print jumper, camouflage is available all over the high street. Whether it’s typical green, blue or multi-coloured, it’s a trend that will be sticking around. The New-Balance camo trainers rock, we be getting as much wear from ours as we can.

While all guys can pull off the camo t-shirt, hat or backpack during the day, the more courageous of you may want to try out the topman camo trousers or matching bow-tie for a night out this winter. However, you can easily take this trend too far, be warned: if you don’t want to look like an Action Man, only wear one piece at a time.

Thomas Kent

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