Fashion I Micro-Trends – Chunky Soles

This season saw the return of the 90s chunky loafer. Don’t remember it? Think Cher from Clueless or Minnie Mouse and you’re along the right lines. This season as a whole is a very nostalgic one and specifically our inspiration comes from the most preppy of heroines.

Designers such as Stella McCartney, Jeffrey Campbell and even the classic titan Chanel piled their soles high with tassels and buckles a-plenty. This filtered down generously to the high street with discount stores such as New Look channelling the look whilst the high street favourite Topshop takes preppy to the extremes with their trend Margot’s World.

Take note: this trend is not for the faint hearted as these shoes certainly make a statement. However, there are some tamer version available from most stores.

So stand tall and clip-clop your way back to the 90s.

Jessie Jones

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