News | Bin men refuse to collect rubbish

Students have expressed their outrage after the Council allowed their bins to go uncollected for three weeks.

The residents of a house on Richmond Ave, located between Headingley and Hyde Park, have complained to the Council who responded saying they could not collect refuse from the house “due to high volumes of waste in the area.”

Three of the tenants, who moved in on September 6, said that their rubbish was collected within the first few days but had not been collected since.

After three weeks, all eight tenants had moved into the house. By this time rubbish was over-spilling onto pavements and was placed in extra bags around the bins, as the three allocated bins were already too full.

Madeleine Block, one of the residents said: “It’s ridiculous! We had to pay for the rubbish to be taken to the tip from outside the house, as it was flooding all over the street.”

Another student tenant, Ste Topping, said: “We had bin bags lined up outside the kitchen and they were getting dangerously close to my bedroom door!”

The Council finally picked the remaining rubbish up on the October 9.

Maddy Keating

Photo: Leo Garbutt

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