News | Breast cancer charity tells girls to cop a feel

The Uni Boob Team were on campus this week sending texts to students reminding them to have a feel of their breasts.

Recruitment stations were outside the Union on Wednesday October 9 where members of the Boob Team were giving out information about what to look out for when checking your breasts.

Founded in October 2009 by Kristin Hallenga, a campaigner living with secondary breast cancer, CoppaFeel! aims to get breast cancer detected and diagnosed as early as possible.

Team Leader, Shelley Parry, told LS: “We are currently in talks with the Student Exec who want to involve us in their Breast Cancer Awareness Month campaign and I’m delighted to have their support this year.”

This event won’t be the last time you will see the Boob Team on campus. On Monday October 21, CoppaFeel! will be back on campus running a series of events they have dubbed ‘Boob Week’. Students will be unlikely to miss the promoters as their signature costumes are set to make an appearance on campus in the coming weeks.

Shelley added that “nationally, CoppaFeel! Uni Boob Teams have achieved over 1,700 sign ups so far and we hope to make a large contribution to this.”

Her advice to all female students this year is “Keep checking those boobs!

Natalie Irving

Photo: CoppaFeel

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