News | Late house hunters cash in

Students who wait until June to sign for their houses pay £8 less per week on average than those who sign in January.

Rent has been increasing year on year around Leeds, with a 3.1 per cent increase in rent levels between 2012 and 2013.

The saving, which equates to over £400 per year for one person or over £2,000 per year for a group of five, is a reminder that there are more bed spaces in than there are students.

There are still at least 5,000 empty bed spaces in the Leeds area and this is set to rise to nearly 6,000 during the year. This surplus of housing is causing an increased competition between landlords which can lead to students paying more than they need to.

Frankie O’Byrne, the Union’s Community officer, said: “Despite what some landlords may say, there’s no need to start thinking about house hunting until at least after the January exam period.” He is encouraging students to seek help from the Union’s experts.

Maddy Keating

Photo: Sam Broadley

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