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The Union has the second cheapest student bars in the UK after Bristol.

In a study tracking the cost of a single round of drinks, including a pint, vodka with mixer and a glass of wine the average Leeds student will pay an average of £6.27 for a round. In comparison a Bristolian will shell out a mere £5.80 for the the same drinks. Those studying at the University of Ulster have to delve the deepest into their pockets in the country with one round costing £8.90.

In total students from both Leeds University and Leeds Metropolitan University spend £181.66 on average in their Union bars every month.

The news reflects a positive year for business in the LUU’s bars which saw the introduction of £2 pints in February after a long campaign by ex-Union Affairs officer, Antony Haddley.

John Ball, the manager of Terrace Bar, told LS: “Last year, we tried to be competitive with our drinks prices, as seen in our ‘5 to 9’ deals and the increase in drinks priced at £1.50 or £2 since we wanted to compete with the top city chains and local pubs around campus.”

Mr Ball said that the deals, which were re-branded during Freshers’ week, have proved to be popular among students. He added “this is something we will continue to promote throughout the term.”

Fiona Tomas

Photo: Leo Garbutt

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