Fashion I How to wear Patent

Love it or hate it, patent leather is back and it’s glossier than ever! With our eyes, hearts and credit cards being drawn to all that shines you’d be forgiven for giving in to this wet-look whirlwind. The polished trend packs a feisty punch so it’s a good idea to go for a more
conservative item such as a midi pencil skirt, and let the texture do the talking. The subtle snake-print
engrained within this statement Topshop skirt adds yet another contemporary layer to this classic shape, giving so much oomph itself that the rest of the outfit can be polished off with just a few staple pieces, depending on the occasion.
1. With such a LOOK-AT-ME skirt, it’s generally best to keep it simple up top with a loosely tucked in tee.
Instead of going into potential over-kill with any
jewellery, try a little pop of colour with these cute pink frilly socks instead. Finish off the look with these
subtle, yet effective, cut out boots.
2. An ultra-modern twist on the current black sandal
infatuation comes in the form of this thick gold ankle strap. Its light colour and reflective nature also
banishes any woes of straps stunting the leg, hurrah! With a six-inch skinny heel, these are not for the
3. Pair it with an embroidered sweatshirt for a casual look with a real chic edge. A tote bag smartens up the outfit, perfect for taking you from shopping to work to dinner.
Charlotte Teather

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