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“She closed the door, and I watched the cab move off, tail lights fading into the city, hope trailing and clattering on the ground behind it.”

Danny Wallace is a writer, presenter and author of four Sunday Times bestselling non fiction books: Awkward situations for Men, Yes Man, Join Me and Friends Like These. He is most notably known for the film adaptation of his book Yes Man, starring Jim Carrey, which went on to become the number one comedy across the world in 2009. His debut novel, Charlotte Street, is a wonderfully constructed tale of one man and the successes and failures he endures when enticed by hope. Jason Priestley (no, not from 90210) is an ex-teacher, and most recently an ex-boyfriend, trying to make his mark on the world of journalism while also coming to terms with his ex-girlfriend Sarah’s new life.

In the opening chapter, Jason finds himself helping a stranger with her bags as she climbs into a taxi on Charlotte Street. In this brief
moment he feels a connection with her, but all too suddenly the moment, as well as the girl herself, is gone. He discovers he is still holding her old fashioned disposable camera and is filled with the hope he may yet see her again. Jason, with his flatmate Dev, set about developing the photos and he begins an adventure to find the girl, who may be THE girl.

Throughout the rest of the book you see Jason and his friends, a gang of hopelessly lost misfits that you will grow to admire, manoeuvring various gripping twists and turns in order to discover who this mystery woman is. Their story will have you laughing out loud and melt your heart all at once as you uncover Jason’s past, and unravel his future.

Danny Wallace brings his unique style and wit, which he has perfected over time in his non-fiction work, to a fun and modern tale about fate, relationships and hope. Above all, Charlotte Street will have you examining exactly what direction your own life is taking to see if you can take a leaf out of his book.

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