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Hey yolks, this week: EGGS! Probably the cheapest, most delicious, most versatile ingredient on the planet and an essential item to
be able to cook. Let’s go through the myriad of methods to eggy heaven.

I add a dash of milk to make it go a bit further. I prefer it creamy and just cooked but it’s a matter of taste. Either way beat the eggs well (you’ll need two or more for a decent portion) and season with salt and pepper before it gets cooking. Cook on a low heat and stir constantly to cook it evenly.

I follow Delia on this one. Bring water to the boil, add eggs for five minutes for runny yolks, six minutes for hard. Times will vary slightly depending on the size of the egg but this works for me using small eggs.

Fry the egg. Remember to remove from shell.

Use the cling film method if you can be bothered but I think it’s too much faff and doesn’t look anywhere near as appetising as the real deal. Crack your egg into a small bowl or cup with a drop of lemon juice or vinegar if you have any. Boil your water in the deepest pan you have and create a vortex in the middle of it by stirring with a large spoon. Once your vortex is good and spinning, decant the egg into the middle of the vortex quickly but don’t drop it in. The gentler you can be, the more tightly wrapped the egg will be.

Nicholas Smith

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