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Following last year’s triumphant summer of cycling achievements, the Brits are fast becoming a people as comfortable on two wheels as they are on four. Alongside various collaborations, the likes of Wiggo’s with Fred Perry and the less popular Brick Lane Bikes and H&M, cycling and fashion have quickly become very closely acquainted. And on the streets of London, where the tubes represent an uncomfortable, over-priced means of getting from A to B, saving money on transportation costs only adds to its popularity.

Encapsulating this fervent way of life are the guys behind one of London’s rawest emerging brands; Firmlocke.The creative force behind the label can be found in Alex Dowse and John Archdale, both former graphics student of Leeds University. Alex, who is working for a London-based architectural company alongside Firmlocke, sees the brand purely as an extension of his mind, and the things that personally appeal to him. With this organic mentality, the label is allowed to evolve constantly as Alex discovers new and interesting ideas to reflect back into the product.

The brand’s strongest attributes are a result of the graphical expertise of the two-man team; picture classic garments, decals and accessories that proudly exhibit the brand’s fine logo paired with graphics as sleek as the alloy frames the designers so often sit upon. As is often the case with emerging brands, ethics tend to trump profit, in this case leading to a collection of clothing that feature sweats made in the USA, cut & sew tees and hand-made accessories straight from California.

Even the quickest of visits to the Firmlocke website, , demonstrates both designers’ love of cycling and graphics and in spite of their infancy, the development of newly discovered forms of print and typography are already at the forefront. With this in mind, the future of the brand is refreshingly uncertain as Alex and John endeavor to constantly expand their design influence.

This is unrefined, boundless creativity at its finest.

Alex Barker

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