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PBR Streetgang – Asylum (Mint Club), 26/10/13.

From their title, you could be mistaken that PBR Streetgang are attributed to the funky beats of R&B rather than the underground realm of house music.

Before making their way to the bright lights of the North, Leeds based Tom Thorpe and Bonar Bradberry originally met in Birmingham in 2002. Starting out as fans of Duran Duran, Vic Reeves and The Wonder Stuff, the duo’s musical taste has certainly diversified from their youth. It wasn’t until their teens that dance music started to inhabit a large part of their lives, from which their own respective backgrounds in the genre have contributed to both the relationship of the duo and the unique sound that has cumulated over the years.

It was in Leeds that PBR Streetgang honed their creative skills and rose through the clubbing ranks to the now legendary Asylum based at Mint club. During this time, they have played alongside the likes of Jazzy Jeff, Crazy P and The Unabombers, which has ultimately brought in a large audience and dedicated fan-base.

Having produced with labels such as 2020 Vision, Hot Creations, Wolf Music and Futureboogie, their flawless sets and incredible crowd interaction earned them the much converted residency at ‘We love… Space’. Progressing from performing the odd slot in smaller rooms, the duo have built their way up to performing warm up sets on the Sunset terrace, to ending the closing party of the 2013 season.

At this point in their career, it would be easy for the duo to cast away their beloved Leeds base for the glimmering appeal of Ibiza; however, they still remain true to their roots. In a recent interview with DistractTV, Bradberry highlights why they chose to turn their backs on Ibiza and remain loyal towards the Leeds crowd,

‘‘I don’t think we could even if we wanted to… for such a small city it really punches above its weight,’’ he said. Such a statement not only confirms the colossal status of the nightlife in the city, but also demonstrates the unpretentious nature of the pair.

The highly versatile nature of PBR Streetgang make them one of the most enjoyable acts to watch, be it at the sunset terrace of Space in Ibiza or in the second room of Canal mills. The relationship between Thorpe and Bradberry is undeniably strong and shows how such a bond can aid the creative process in music production. With an upcoming show at the final night of Asylum on August 26, it’s certainly worth a trip to check out one of Leeds’ finest talents make mincemeat out of Mint Warehouse.

Check out their track ‘Vibos’ below:

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