News | Carr Mills cannabis den busted

Police are currently searching for a suspected drug dealer after a bust on student accommodation Carr Mills.

The plants and equipment for growing the Class B drug were found in the apartment of Abel Miles, who lived in a private flat on the grounds of the student residences in Woodhouse. The plants were discovered during an inspection of the flat by residence staff.

Accommodation manager David Jarvis said staff had seen Miles bringing “suspicious items” back to his apartment.

The inspection was carried out at 1pm, and police were summoned to the scene half an hour after the drug-growing operation was discovered in a bedroom of the apartment. Jarvis said that all of the tenant’s personal belongings had disappeared.

The manager confirmed that Miles was in full-time employment, and that he was living in a private block of the residences which is usually occupied by young professionals. Miles had been a tenant at Carr Mills since December 2012.

A spokesperson for the West Yorkshire Police said that “enquiries are ongoing to trace the suspect.”

Sean Hayes

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