News | Crackdown on Hyde Park headshop

Leeds City Council may force shops selling legal highs to black out their windows and ban under 18s from buying their products.

The move comes after councillors were briefed by police on the growing popularity of new psychoactive substances designed to have similar effects as illegal drugs such as cocaine and ecstasy.

Leeds Councillor Mick Coulson told LS that the Council was “working alongside the police and legal health services to make rapid changes and fight against legal highs”. He stated that there was particular concern regarding the impact that the sale of such substances has on the student population.

LS reported last month on the opening of the new ‘Rudeboy’ head shop on Hyde Park Corner. An employee stated that business had been “considerably more busy” since students returned after the summer.

An employee at Rudeboy Headshop claimed that they enforce a strict ID policy. Printed signs around the shop advise customers that products are “research products” and “not for human consumption”.

Councillor Coulson added that “numerous sellers of legal highs had been caught selling to under-18s, and had subsequently been convicted”.

Hazel Wheldon

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