Fashion | Micro Trend – Feeling Feline

They brought us Harajuku girls, Yama girls and Geishas and now another weird and wonderful trend is making its way over to us from Japan.  Once reserved for Halloween, cat ears are having a moment.  Whilst true advocates of this style can follow the Japanese example and twist two chunks of hair up to resemble cat ears for those feeling a little less brave, fear not: this season the shops are full of cat ear inspired headwear.

From berets to Alice bands, adding an extra pair of ears to your head will certainly up your quirky factor.  Unless you are auditioning for CatWoman or are super keen for some early trick or treating it may be a good idea to avoid wearing all black with your cat ears.  Confidence is key with this feline look, which can be embraced both day and night. If you’re still unsure, well, Halloween is as good excuse as any to invest in some eccentric headwear.

Verity Clark

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