Film | Baggage Claim – Just Typical


Director: David E Talbert

Writer: David E Talbert

3/5 Stars

Typical. I thought I’d hate it. Not because I was over it. I never will be. Pop-corn, your besties and a high altitude search for The One make for cosy Saturday night entertainment before the it’s just a film voices on the way home. Come on girls – there should also be at least one guilty rom-com there’s more to life than an engagement ring reminder.


Baggage Claim, I thought would do all of the above, but do it badly. I thought this time tedious dialogue would be crammed into the well-cut love shape. This time, I thought a single red rose, champagne and the city lights would point only to the emergency exits. The pushy mother, The gay best friend, The big busted jolly and less attractive wing-woman would, I thought, struggle to cruise at 30,000 feet. Typical – I liked them! Prince charming, in the form of friend all along brings home the message – ‘the magic isn’t in getting married, its in staying married’. Even five times married mother finally concedes that it’s worth the long haul ‘when you find love, and you will baby, don’t let go.’


Montana’s story is one of fitting your own mask first. Before getting to this recognition of self-love she clocks up 30,000 miles as her airline team arrange a series of connecting flights where she re-connects with boyfriends past, hoping for ‘new action new outcome’. There’s aspiring senator who uses her to come across as a ‘take charge kinda guy.’  She’s offered riches and round the world sunrises by The King of Zamooda and is tempted into the hot tub by the phony but fun record producer. She’s got 30 days to find the one to take to her sister’s wedding rehearsal dinner. Tick tock.


Time slows down as the real dawning lands. Drawing on all resources Sedrick in security and Tanya in ticketing finally help her arrive safely at her destination.


Paula Patton with her silky voice makes Montana Moor elegant, endearing and amusing. With a stylish wardrobe, a backdrop of roof top cocktail bars and shots of New York City the charm glides. RnB and soul classics clear us for takeoff and it’s The Jackson 5 who propel us through to the final connection. This is a love story where love matters, and it matters more than money. This message is finally sealed with a diamond the size of Manhattan. Typical.


Emma Sargison


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