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Hifi’s regular Comedy Sessions are perfect for that relaxed Saturday atmosphere; with different acts every week you’re treated to something new in a cosy and chilled setting. We were seated on stools around small tables, the lighting low with tea-lights creating a tranquil and casual ambience; everyone was already in a good mood before the entertainment had even begun.
Our compere for the evening was Brendan Riley, who came bounding onto the stage and opened the night with enthusiasm and confidence. His strong Scouse accent and quick pace got the audience nicely warmed up for the main acts; although he stuck mainly to regional and age-related gags which were not particularly relatable for younger members of the audience. Unfortunately, he also had a rather ‘laddish’ nature about him which meant that most other jokes from him were of a much more sexual nature, but not particularly humorous.
After a few jokes of his own, the first act of the night was welcomed to the stage: Pete Cain, a London-based comedian whose side-splitting set was based on how he would clean up Britain and solve all its problems. He covered a range of areas in a short space of time, from legalising drugs to who wouldn’t be let back in the country (e.g. “people in cars who don’t wave when you let them pass first.”) Cain’s act was slick, quick-paced and hilariously funny. He also took moments to actually reflect on these problems in a more serious way, which was very refreshing to see from a comedian.
Andre Vincent, the second act of the night, also brought out some brilliant jokes, but, in my opinion, was a bit more hit-and-miss than Cain. He successfully handled hecklers well though, and had a mix of stories to tell. The audience itself was of an older majority than myself, and the humour seemed to reflect that. Some jokes seemed more age appropriate than others, but the night itself was rather enjoyable, with a great atmosphere and some very funny comedy.


Alice Rafter

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