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Student areas are still causing a problem according to the Council despite recycling rates in Leeds hitting record highs.

Leeds residents produced 7,000 tonnes less waste than they did the previous year but Councillor Mark Dobson, Executive Board Member for the environment, said “traditional methods of recycling are not working in the student dominated areas of Hyde Park and Headingley.”

Dobson told LS that “more bespoke solutions” are needed for students and that students could “do more” recycling.

On average 200,000 tonnes of rubbish is collected from the areas of Hyde Park and Headingley. Frankie O’Byrne, Community Officer stated: “students are encouraged to recycle on campus with a brand new bin outside the Refectory and new signs on university bins.”

He added that “there are a number of issues students may face: recycling collections aren’t frequent enough for some households, there may not be enough bins provided and it isn’t always clear what can and can’t be recycled.”

LS has found that the Council’s attempt to encourage students via social media has so far seen little success. Its ‘Bin It Win It’ Facebook campaign receiving only 500 likes.

Third year, Julia Mascetti, commented: “I care [about recycling] but it’s difficult in Leeds. I do as much as I can, but I would do more if the system was better.”

Third year Politics student, Sarah Rose Roberts told LS: “At home I recycle the whole time, but I struggle to do it in Leeds.”

She added : “Even in the Brotherton Library the different recycling bins are spaced out all over the place, so it’s hard to find the right bin for what you want to throw away.”

Beatrix Passmore

Photo: Jack Fox


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