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Students at Leeds University Union are paying 75p more for their pints than students at Leeds Metropolitan University, an LS investigation can reveal.

After investigating the prices of a range of different products in both Unions’ cafes and bars, this paper found a pint of Carlsberg costs Leeds Met students just £1.65, while students in one of LUU’s venues will have to cough up £2.40.

Similarly, a pint of Carling is cheaper at the former polytechnic’s Union, costing Met students £1.75 while students in LUU pay £2.50.

Guinness also came in cheaper at Met, priced at £2.99, while a pint of the same at Old Bar or Terrace will set you back £3.30.

While Leeds Met rated cheaper for beers, LUU had lower prices on products like sandwiches, coffee and soft drinks.

A lunchtime regular Americano will cost you £1.50 in the Hidden Café or Essentials, while Met charge £1.90 for the same.

LUU also offers ham and mustard sandwiches for £1.55, 45p cheaper than an equivalent sandwich in Leed Met’s cafe.

Many other sandwich fillings were also cheaper in Leeds University Union, including Tuna and Cucumber, which was 64p cheaper than Leeds Met. You could also wash it down with a 500ml bottle of Coca Cola for 99p in Essentials, while at Leeds Met a 500ml soft drink will cost you £1.20.

Sean Hayes

Photo: Sean Hayes

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