News | Union launches coffee blend

What would Union brewed coffee smell of? Sweat? Alcohol? Liberation? Well, students are set to find out as the Union has launched its house brand coffee blend.

Essentials and the Hidden Cafe hare now selling an exotic selection of ground coffee beans. Stephanie Hodgson, Manager for the Hidden Cafe, told LS “its aim was to offer Leeds students something totally different to anything that is currently available to them.”

However, the ‘“high quality” coffee is not brewed in the depths of the Union building but at the York Coffee Emporium where the beans are roasted to order on site.

Hodgson added “it differs from other coffees sold on campus because its unique blend has been especially crafted for Leeds Uni students.” The coffee has “a hint of fruity acidity and spicy smokiness”.

The Union’s house blend coffee is available to purchase for £3.49 per 200g bag.

Fiona Tomas

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