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This season, several high street stores embraced the child in us all creating quirky, and often just the right amount of gimmicky, jewellery and accessories. As Halloween season starts to creep upon us, we can take a leaf out of their book, embrace this and add some fun, not only to our costumes but our every day outfits too. This is not something that fashion has been a stranger to, with Givenchy in 2011 donning their models in felt hats complete with cute ears and Louis Vuitton jazzing up their headwear by giving the playboy bunny look a sophisticated spin in 2009. This Halloween, why not be on trend as well as inventive with your costume? Whether it’s bug jewellery, witchy embellishments or irresistible ears, you can be as subtle or as glaringly obvious as you like.

Insect jewellery seems to be a trend that just keeps on giving as it returns season after season on the high street. Ranging from cutesy bee earrings to full on gothic adornments, this is an easy way to keep yourself sartorially, and holiday, appropriate. Hats are a slightly more daring way of dressing up on the days leading up to Halloween, as well as an option for your actual costume. The black cat is a classic staple, because what’s cooler than a cat? Jewellery is another cheap and subtle way to keep your Halloween look fashion aware as well as being party appropriate. Whether you’re vampire inspiration is Twilight tame or full on Dracula horror, these are a great way to give your inner trick or treater some attention.

Bug earrings  Topshop, £6.50.
Spider brooch Amazon. £15.99

Ear felt hat Misguided £12.99

Double finger bat ring Rings and Tings £4.50
Fang ring Asos, £4.00

Skirt Topshop, £30

Mittens Monki, £2.50

Leotard Missguided £14.99

Nail Polish American Apparel £9

Jumper Asos £45

Jessie Jones

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