Food | Top Takeaways – Luckys gave us the option to try out their top takeaways to avoid ever having a Munchies-esque cockroach feast ever again.

First up LSi tried Luckys, a regular mid Otley Run stop, to see whether it tastes as good as you think it does after visiting around ten pubs before sampling it.

Ordering a Luckys on a Friday night left me worrying that I’d have to wait hours to fulfill my fast food need, surprisingly though our pizza banquet arrived in just under half an hour. Luckys too excelled in terms of pricing, with the average prize of a standard 11″ being around £5. The infamous Death by Pepperoni pizza delivered on it’s promise of being one of the best pepperoni pizzas to be found in Leeds, while the Quattro Formaggi pizza was extremely satisfying and a more exciting choice for vegetarians than a regular Margherita. Don’t think that you have to stick to the classic pizzas at Luckys though, also on offer are unusual choices such as the Avocado and Caviar Pizza, English Breakfast Pizza and Tuco’s Revenge Pizza, a must for all Breaking Bad fans.

No pizza order would be complete without a garlic bread and our choice of the Garlic Bread Supreme was just the right amount of garlicky and was so much less greasy than those normally bought from a takeaway. The only let down of our order was our go-to buy of cheesy chips, which arrived cold and stuck together… Despite this, everything else on offer at Luckys makes it worth promoting to the top of your takeaway list. It is significantly cheaper than Dominos for almost the same quality and there’s still even the option of stuffed crust.

Caitlin Williams

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