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Being a Fresher is a time most students will never forget. Some parts are also a blur that we will never remember (we do have the knack of killing off a few brain cells from time to time), and some things we will try tirelessly to forget, but they just cling on in there. So what if your entire Freshers experience was filmed? The awkward first meetings, drunken nights, the infamous ‘Fresher’s Flu’, attempting to cook for yourself (and failing), “attending” all of your lectures; all of these elements captured on camera for the nation to see. This is exactly what a group of enthusiastic young students at the University of Bedfordshire have signed themselves up for in ITV2’s new, imaginatively named show Freshers.

The first episode focused on Max the wannabe hunk, Daddy’s girl Bayleigh, Anita the ‘Diva’ and Forrest, who has Asperger’s Syndrome. We witness the tearful farewells to friends and family, and the eager first introductions to their new mates in halls. As well as these characters, the programme features the odd anecdote from older students reminiscing about their crazy Freshers’ week antics. Now, it may just be down to the presence of the cameras (or it could be that Bedford is terrible for a night out) but in no part of the show were such crazy antics demonstrated. Everything seemed a bit tame, and there wasn’t the scandalous freshers’ mischief you would hope for; just awkward night club scenes with around ten people fuelled mildly by Alco pops. Definitely more Downton Abbey than Geordie Shore.

The second episode was only slightly better, mostly down to comedic gem Forrest: with his dance moves and pulling techniques, this guy really is the reason to tune in. He definitely steals the show for being endearingly genuine and truly likeable. Despite this great character, the show really does lack in entertainment value. We need more drama and scandal, exactly the stuff that makes reality TV such a guilty pleasure. But who knows, it may still be yet to come.

 The last episode of Freshers is on Wednesday, ITV2 at 9pm or catch the whole series on ITV on demand now.

Laura Chisholm

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