Review – Andrew Weatherall at Back to Basics

Almost immediately after his set at Basics back in February, people got the wheels in motion to get honorary Yorkshireman Andrew Weatherall back on the bill. For the best part of 7 months the tantalising prospect of him returning behind the decks for a six hour extravaganza has toyed with the loyal Basics following; this time the main man was to accommodate the smaller dwellings of The Garage’s partner in crime, Waxwerks. Coupled with the legendary workings of club night in Back To Basics, the scene was well and truly set.

Despite the attraction of Weatherall playing in Waxwerks from 12-6, The Garage’s main room also held host to three of Basics’ trusted residents in Ralph Lawson, James Holroyd, and Denny. The sets in the main room where by no means auxiliary to Weatherall, with each resident providing an enjoyable alternative to those keen to switch between the two throughout the night. In fact, the main room must be lauded as it truly captures everything about the Basics vibe. With its intimate character, raw bare-brick surroundings, and the bonnet of an old red Chevy, you can see why it was voted DJ Mag’s Best Small Club of 2012; reminiscent, almost, of the days of Stinky’s.
Having spent the majority of the evening firmly located at the front of Waxwerks, Weatherall was powering through his very own brand of machine funk, never wavering far from that rolling 120 BPM mark, giving his set a sustained hypnotic-like groove throughout.

A notable moment came from Beyond The Wizard’s Sleeve Re-animation of Franz Ferdinand’s ‘Ulysses’ with the commanding vocal “Come on let’s get high” being followed by an onslaught of futuristic disco that sent Waxwerks into an absolute techno frenzy. Six hours still didn’t seem long enough, and with Weatherall stepping down just before the 6am mark by dropping the absorbing electronics of Daniel Avery’s ‘Drone Logic’, the crowd was left still wanting more. Yet another a truly special party by the Basics crew and with 22 years under their belt already they remain, both in Leeds and afar, two steps further than any other fucker.

Chris Mclachlan

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