Review – Bigger Than Barry with Karma Kid

For five years Tuesday nights have brought well-loved night, Bigger Than Barry to Mint Club, aiming to give ‘weekend-esque line-ups‘ mid-week. On 22nd October, BTB took the plunge and made their move to a new venue: The Garage. Although Mint has had consistently good reviews and is a past winner of DJ Mag’s ‘Best Small Club’ award, Bigger Than Barry announced that to ‘spice things up’ their weekly event would see a change in location with the same good old atmosphere.

For their launch night at The Garage, BTB secured Lucky Me’s Obey City and 19 year old House producer, Karma Kid. The vibe of the night was fun and upbeat and neither DJ was taking themselves too seriously. Fluctuating between 90s classics and modern pop-house, Karma Kid fully satisfied the crowd’s expectations. It was a nostalgic set full of lip-syncing to guilty pleasures Destiny’s Child, Daniel Bedingfield and Justin Timberlake, and everyone was loving it. If you’re not familiar with Karma Kid, think sickly sweet Disclosure style house and you’re somewhere close. Cropping up on the scene in early 2012, Sam Knowles is amongst a generation of new producers just out of school, demonstrating that young people really do have a chance at making it big. Knowles trawled through Youtube videos to learn how to use software and practised religiously, promoting his music on Facebook and Twitter. It wasn’t long before he got noticed and with airplay from Annie Mac, he’s not doing too badly. His collaboration with Friend Within and Yasmin this year on feel good track ‘Feeling (So Special)’ has been hugely backed by Radio One and has secured him gigs across the country. Tuesday was filled with bouncy modern remixes of recognisable classics and the night was a bit of harmless fun for a young crowd.

Harriet Shepherd

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