TV | The Vampire Diaries – A look into the new season

The Vampire Diaries makes an exciting long-anticipated return with its fifth season. The premiere was certainly worth waiting for, meaning hopefully the new season will surely be full of everything we love the show for.

Summer is over for the people of Mystic Falls, and after spending the entire summer in her love bubble with Damon, Elena goes off to college with her best friend Caroline. Whilst Damon becomes a father figure to Jeremy who is back from the dead, and forced to go back to school. You know, the usual Mystic Falls stuff.

College life is already creating problems, as the two vampires find out that their roommate, Megan, has been drinking vervain. Next thing you know, she is found dead from a vampire attack. Typical. By the looks of it, college will help bring more to the plot than cheap beer and frat parties, and it looks set to create a division between the characters in Mystic Falls and the two girls. Thankfully Elena can also finally show what she is capable of without Damon or Stefan.

Another addition to the plot is Katherine’s new life as a human, which she doesn’t seem to be dealing with too well. Her vulnerability may have made her physically weaker, but centuries of vampire life surely left a mark on her personality. The best thing being that Nina Dobrev portrays the ‘new’ Katherine brilliantly – her acting gets better with every season. Meanwhile Silas is roaming through town, building up his strength by feeding on people’s blood. All the while his doppelgänger, Stefan, is at the bottom of a lake, drowning over and over again. And no one seems to care where he is. Poor Stefan. Having him out of the picture for some time, and Silas out in the open is definitely a welcome addition to the show. Let’s just hope Paul Wesley does a good job playing the bad guy and doesn’t give off too many ‘Stefan’ vibes. When Damon and Elena learn of Stefan’s situation the two are guilt-ridden and determined to find him. This love triangle will never end by the looks of it, and who knows, maybe “Delena” won’t be around for much longer.

The start of VD was packed with cliff-hangers and I cannot wait to see what the rest of the season will bring us. How long will it be until the show sees its end? And how many more plot twists can we expect?

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