News | Student hit by car on Woodhouse Lane

A 22 year old female was knocked down by a car opposite the University on Woodhouse Lane last Friday, before being rushed off to Leeds General Infirmary.

A student eye-witness, told LS: “People were running onto the road with terrified expressions. It soon became clear that someone had been hit.”

The road was temporarily closed between 5.20pm and 5.40pm. A police spokesperson told LS that the “injuries were not life threatening.”

A first year medic, who was on a bus going past the accident, described her experience: “The bus suddenly lurched forwards and did an emergency stop. There was a car in front of us with hazard lights on. On driving around the incident I saw a girl lying on the ground with her eyes closed and I was overwhelmed with shock.”

They added: “Apparently she just ran straight in front of the car. I couldn’t believe I had witnessed something so horrific and yet the bus, being a public service, just drove on past.”

Carina Derhalli

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