Review – All gone Pete Tong presents 2 Many DJs & Greg Wilson

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Following a hugely successful sell out event hosting Solomun on October 4th, the next night on the November/ December bill at Control was the arrival of 2 Many DJs. Having become famous for their popularisation of the raucous mash up of disparate genres, the prospect of their performance at a 3,000 capacity club promised a night to remember.

Kicking off the night was the experienced Merseyside disco DJ Greg Wilson who gained popularity following his integral part in creating Manchester’s electro scene back in the 80s. He has also been involved in the ‘We Love’ nights at Ibiza’s space so it wasn’t surprising to see him playing at another of their nights here in Leeds.

Despite his experience and expertise in the business, Greg’s set was one that would have appealed more to a different audience, as the majority of the crowd were students who wouldn’t have known who he was and would’ve preferred a more upbeat set, similar to that of 2 Many DJ’s.

Having gained notoriety through Soulwax, the Dewaele brothers turned their concentration to DJing. Their innovative technique of mixing songs from a wide spectrum of genres led to mass popularity worldwide. An example of their development since the days of their involvement in the huge video game, ‘Grand Theft Auto V’ producing the music for the radio station ‘Soulwax FM’.

Having seen them twice before, I knew their set was likely to include remixes of ‘Kids’ by MGMT and ‘The Bay’ by Metronomy, but the highlight of the night was definitely Green Velvet’s, ‘Lazer Beams’, having the crowd in uproar.

The French electronic duo, Cassius played prior to 2 Many DJs treating the crowd to a set full of classics mixed with varying techno based tracks. On the whole the night was definitely one to remember, with the reassuring weight of the Funktion One and a spacious dancefloor, 2 Many DJs were in their element.

James Bate

Green Velvet & Harvard Bass – Lazer Beams

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