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Another of top takeaways that LSi tried out was Indian takeaway restaurant Grove Cafe.

The Grove Cafe, despite the name, exists right in the open. Delicious takeaways are abound in Leeds, but it’s often hard to distinguish between the pretty good and the downright wonderful. Without a doubt, The Grove Cafe is in the latter category.

For students, it’s all too easy to slip into the lazy trap of relying on McDonald’s or dodgy kebabs for a fix of hydrogenated fat and salty goodness in moments of drunken weakness; but at the insistence of this student organ, we would thoroughly recommend branching out to the likes of freshly made curries. LSi is a fan of curries: their heat, their richness, their first-date-ruining-induced-sweatiness. For miserable Southerners used to the insipid chicken and rice stews of Crawley, Croydon and Camden, Leeds is often viewed as the promised land of delicious spices and masterful heated concoctions. Most on campus are familiar with the likes of Akmal’s, and thus naturally it provides the benchmark for spicy sub-continental dishes.

Grove Cafe certainly matches that well-known re-purposed park pavilion. With curries complemented by chapatis and with rice priced at a reasonable amount, Grove strikes the ideal interplay between rousing, heated dishes and counterbalancing savoury carbs to provide a delicious curry experience. The vegetable dhanska was a particular favourite, although the chicken masala suffered a little from an overabundance of heat, at the expense of more subtle flavourings. One is always at risk with takeaway curries of being bludgeoned over the head by blistering spiciness, but for the most part Grove Cafe errs on the right side of flavoursome caution.

Delivery was prompt, and a £20 order gave more than enough sustenance to fill the stomachs of four hungry LSi editors, with the odd chapati leftover to nibble once the initial pilau rice and chicken malestrom had subsided. A conclusive recommendation, so put aside your Dominoes vouchers this week, and dip your toe into the steaming vat of Leeds’ curry houses.

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