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When George Orwell crafted the term ‘Room 101’, little did he realise that it would become the most used term for the most irritating pet peeves in British history. Incensed by the masses, LSi investigates what really gets students riled.


The X Factor

I would put many things in room 101 but the first that springs to mind is The X Factor. Feeding mundane twaddle to the nation every Saturday night, with year after year of smoke machines and Adele covers, it is not, as it claims, a reality show but scripted musical nonsense for the sole benefit of Simon Cowell and people with nothing better to do of a weekend. And where are all these winners, who rose up from – insert sob story here – to fame and fortune? They release one single, perhaps an album and go on their merry way and we never hear from them again. On top of it being utter drivel it has been a source of controversy in terms of the actual production of the show. Even celebrities have come out against the show. Do yourselves and this nation a favour and put The X Factor in Room 101.


Christmas songs on Halloween

It has only just been Halloween and stores already have their Christmas assortment in the shelves. I am actually trying to avoid the shopping aisles packed with Christmas decorations and chocolate until at least the beginning of December. That is, I don’t want to spoil myself too early. It is therefore more than annoying to hear people sing Christmas songs aloud in the corridor on All Hallows’ Eve. Sorry but the two simply do not go together. Though what’s really annoying is that, unlike the shopping aisles, I cannot avoid the singing easily. I will not lock myself in my bathroom just to avoid these overly exited singers. Neither do I want to listen to blasting music coming out of my earplugs. Think about it. Halloween is celebrated to remember the dead and when I look around on that night people walk around with fake blood all over their faces and arms. Personally I feel scared by their looks and yes, I knowthat is the purpose of all that dressing up. Christmas on the other hand is completely different. It is a time for harmony and peace. Basically the complete opposite of Halloween and there is a huge difference between gathering around a nicely decorated Christmas tree with the family and dressing up as the living dead. I do not want my joyful image of Christmas being ruined by the thought of Halloween. I really hope I will never hear people singing Christmas songs on Halloween again.


People who dawdle

Put yourself in the position I find myself in every weekend while working part time in retail: you find yourself on a shop floor with no less than seven customers all yearning for your attention whilst already having been given a plethora of things to do by your manager. What could make this worse? How about the fact that the Dawdler’s Association chose to hold their next meeting right at your feet? It’s those that dawdle, aimlessly, effortlessly and – all the more infuriatingly – wilfully, that I struggle to find empathy for. As the offender slows to an unexpected grinding halt, taking me, most probably another colleague and three other customers down with them, what was an orderly queue somewhat drastically becomes a kind of interpretive dance as the overtake commences. Sometimes, yes, it is nice to breeze through life and to not crash around in the ever so graceful manner of the bull in the China shop. Sometimes. This does not amount to good practice on a shop floor – heaven forbid it’s on a Saturday – or in a shopping centre, or in a street, or just about anywhere. If this had happened once, maybe even twice, I’d be willing to let it go; I’d be willing to forgive the daydreamers amongst us and wipe the slate clean. The fact this happens numerous times every day only makes me fear that this absent minded and lackadaisical malpractice is enshrined in our already tremendously awkward British nature – and thus a sure contender for Room 101.

Molly Murphy 


People who don’t reply to texts

In a world where conversation unconfined to a pop up Facebook window is a rare and precious thing (god forbid we’d ever make the effort to actually talk in person), there are few things as infuriating as someone making contact with you via text message to only leave you hanging by not replying, perhaps up to days later. Whether you require essential information in the build up to a rendezvous (“Where r u lol”), need to clarify just what your essay is about three hours before the deadline, or are simply missing your best buddy and want a catch up, waiting forever for your iPhone to buzz or for the pretty red light on your Blackberry to flash up can be very frustrating, especially if you’ve been left stranded outside Oceana, ALONE. A simple, snappy polite response (“I’m busy lol”) isn’t too hard to manage, right? Especially if you’ve just tweeted…Of course, we at LSi don’t want to appear clingy, we are simply targeting the regular offenders here. Throw the talkative buggers into the darkest corners of Room 101 and let them have a nice antisocial group chat together.

Bethany Taylor



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