Music | Mcfly & Busted team up to become ultimate supergroup…McBusted!

In September, McFly played a few shows celebrating their 10th (I feel obligatorily old) anniversary and, much to the appreciation of anyone paying attention, most of the spiritual brethren in arms, Busted, came along and performed a few classics alongside. If you somehow missed the shows (shame on you!) then you’ll certainly welcome this VERY GOOD NEWS.

Starting in April of next year, the two acts, minus Charlie “too cool for school” Simpson, under the clever AND funny moniker of “McBusted” will be embarking on a UK tour including a date at Leeds’ very own First Direct Arena on the 30th of April. If literally everyone isn’t in attendance, the loss of faith in humanity, or even the loss of humanity itself, is no doubt inevitable

Unfortunately, as far as output goes, the only thing ever to have the privilege of bearing the “McBusted” name will be this tour. As reported by Popjustice during the press event early on this week, it was explicitly stated that there would be no album, and perhaps even more tragically, no TV show. There is always a chance that the old cliché of a tour producing some sort of “magic” that results in new material could happen so keep those fingers crossed!

I think it’s worth noting that in this age where the pop world has appropriated a good amount of “east London hipness” into its image, the boys are approximately 20% less adorable than they were the first time round. But don’t let this deter you, I’ve gone back to check and both of the band’s songs are still as delightfully fun and catchy as they’ve always been. This is a good week for pop music.

Daoud Al-Janabi



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