News | Nightclub bouncers attack student

A Leeds student has accused bouncers at a York night club of an assault which left him with a head wound.

The ordeal took place outside of The Lowther bar in York in the early hours of Saturday morning. English student Olly Goodall had been drinking in the bar with friends.

Talking to LS, the second-year told how he was drinking in the bar when he was called to attend to his friend outside, who was “too drunk to come back in.” Goodall said: “I wanted to go back inside to get my jacket and the others, but the bouncers wouldn’t let me.”

The student said that he felt the bouncers were being “unfair” and got “fairly angry”, admitting that he “shouted and swore at them.”

Following this, Goodall described how one of the bouncers “chased me and I ran down the hill towards the river.”

The student went on to recount the assault, saying that after the bouncers returned with friends they “tackled me and Frank to the floor, which was when I cut open my head. Frank’s glasses were also smashed into pieces. They were kicking and punching us.” Goodall described being in “shock” following the incident.

A spokesperson for North Yorkshire Police said that they arrived at the scene after 2:35am on Saturday morning.

They reported that: “Nobody was injured in the incident and none of the parties wanted to make a complaint to the police.”

Goodall said that he did not feel he was in a “fit state of mind” to press charges when asked by police.

A spokesperson for The Lowther venue said: “The police said the bouncers were right to detain them, and that they were not overly forceful.” No disciplinary action has since been taken by the venue.

The spokesperson also said that the two students were “threatening and saying that they had a knife on them”, however Goodall denies making any such threats.

Goodall and the other students involved in the incident are currently in the process of making a formal complaint against the venue.

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