News | Scrotum stapled in FIFA forfeit

A student has stapled his testicles in a bet with friends over a game of FIFA.

Nathan Bell, 20, suffered his fate after losing the Xbox match against his friend Saber Da Silva.

The punishment was a result of ‘Fifa Forfeits Sunday’, an event in his halls of residence.

Mr Bell said: “It brought a tear to my eye. I usually beat Saber”.

The excruciating moment was recorded by an onlooker and has since been picked up by The Mirror and The Metro with viewers wincing at the 40 second clip.

Mr Da Silva commented: “Nobody has turned down a forfeit yet.”

Daniel Nunes-Vaz, a third year History student, commented: “Pour the boy a pint; that’s commitment to the FIFA apology rules!”

Maddy Keating


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