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Ross Noble’s new spontaneity-based show has arrived on our screens, where he goes next, is anyone’s guess.

Award winning stand-up comedian Ross Noble was made famous for his brilliant ability to manipulate the mundane into the hilarious and absurd, and his new show Freewheeling is no exception. The premise of Noble’s show is based on the novel Dice Man, in which a man leaves his life completely to the fate of chance. In the same vein as this, Noble appeals to his followers on Twitter and relies on their requests and suggestions to conduct his actions, which often depict the disturbingly strange nature of the British public. Freewheeling demonstrates perfectly the way in which social networking is able to connect people in the modern world to provide a genuinely unpredictable series of events.

The show starts in Weedon Bec which, according to a bloke who follows Ross Noble, is the exact centre of England. From here, Noble is at the beck and call of his followers and goes through bizarre situations such as delivering a plastic hedge to Eddie Izzard, buying a porcelain pet and conducting a sermon on toast to a homophobic evangelist in a shopping centre. The production of the show is clearly done very cheaply and when occasionally coming across those who don’t quite understand Noble’s sense of humour, the situation can appear forced and awkward, but Noble’s ability to derive humour from the most obscure situations is truly entertaining television.

Overall, Noble’s Freewheeling is an attempt at a satire on the idea of a pointless show led by a celebrity, within a pointless show led by a celebrity, yet is nevertheless a very funny program that is bound to have you laughing during at least one of his unusual adventures.

You can watch Freewheeling online at Dave now.

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