Food | Gastronaut samples new Trinity Kitchen eatery Pizzaluxe

Pizzaluxe is a permanent fixture in the brand spanking new Trinity Kitchen in Trinity Leeds. The restaurant boasts freshly made pizzas of deluxe, artisan ingredients, all at reasonable prices. They operate a counter service where you can place your order and simultaneously witness the pizza crafting. If your stomach wasn’t rumbling before it sure is now!

Once you’ve placed your order (and received your handy pizza-shaped buzzer) it’s time to grab a drink from the restaurant bar. Give the Aperol Spritz a try, a drink native to Italy that’s becoming big in the UK, and take a seat. The Trinity Kitchen is a relatively open space so it can often feel like you’re not sitting in one particular restaurant exclusively. But the funky music and cool, relaxed vibe of the entire food hall oozes in. While you wait for your meal you can allow your eyes to have a feast on the unique, modern surroundings.

Trinity Kitchen as a whole is extremely popular and always has an excitable buzz about it – great for a spot of people watching. Speaking of buzzes, your buzzer has sounded and you collect your food. The rectangular pizza boxes add to the street food theme of the kitchen. The Antipasti da Dividere is particularly delicious, combining warm slices of garlic bread with a selection of cold foods. Succulent meats, olives, mozzarella and tangy sun-dried tomatoes are a perfect starter for sharing.

The pizzas offered for the main course aren’t just your regular margaritas and pepperonis (although the former does feature on the menu), but combinations of more exotic ingredients that work extremely well together. The Lardo (bacon, brie and baby spinach) and The Pollo (pesto chicken, artichoke hearts, mushrooms, black olives and pine nuts) prove to be good choices of pizza, with the toppings marrying together on a perfectly thin and crispy base. Much more luxurious and healthy than your average, greasy takeaway pizza! As well as the great flavours of the dishes, the portion sizes are filling too.

However, if you are partial to something sweet after your meal, this may not be the place for you. Due to its popularity, the restaurant actually ran out of desserts during our visit. But if sumptuous, high quality pizza is what you’re looking for and a cool, relaxed atmosphere, then this is definitely the place to be.

Laura Chisholm

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