Fashion | Nail Trends – Autumnal Talons

Check out the first of our Nail Trends feature where our very own beauty writer, Antonia Street gives you your weekly dose of all things trending in the nail bizz.

This week’s nail trend favours an autumnal theme. As we approach mid-November, nail art enthusiasts are eager to squeeze in the last of their autumnal nails before the winter sets in.

Colour trends this week reflect the current outdoor landscape including amber, gold, yellow, bronze and really any other colour that resembles a withering leaf! Nature is a big part of this week’s nail design trend with many nail artists on Instagram looking to the theme for inspiration – foxes, owls and trees are the biggest trend setters. Scroll through our gallery for a few examples which include the pretty falling leaf designs by both @misspolishednails and @polished_pretty, a tree against a perfect gradient by @majsran, and some cosy owls by @09emma03. The gold glitter gradient and fox nail design were done by @ahnailart.

Either keep your nails simple by sticking to this week’s colour trend, or you can spice them up by adding a small fox design, a glitter gradient or some embellishment – either way your nails will be bang on trend.

Antonia Street

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