Music | Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's raunchy ride in Bound 2 music video

Kanye West has premiered his new music video for his single ‘Bound 2’ on The Ellen Show today. The video, co-directed with Nick Knight and set against the backdrop of the Grand Canyon, either depicts Kim and Kanye’s strenuous journey along a road filled with extensive potholes, or a soft-core porno. However you wish to interpret the musical ‘art form’, it is clear that ‘KimYe’ have shown complete disregard for motorcycle safety.

Appearing topless, Kim Kardashian, who has had experience in frontal nudity before (having appeared in a similar video of the naked variety with notable rapper Ray J) confidently pouts and throws her hair back and forth whilst gyrating up against her hubby to be. It is clear that Kim’s fruitful career in this industry has been able to translate such a heart-warming love story that i’m sure we can all relate to.

Whether you want to projectile vomit, sell your motorbike or even buy one, ‘Bound 2’ is set to reaffirm the ‘KimYe’ brand as global icons, both adored and abhorred.

You can check out the ‘KimYe’ performance in all of its ‘majestic’ glory below:

Josh Taylor


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