Video Games | The Jane Austen games we've all been waiting for

It is a truth universally acknowledged that video games based on the works of Jane Austen are like buses – you wait forever for one and then two just turn up at once.

Stride and Prejudice is the bastard child of your English Literature GCSE and Super Mario. Taking the role of Lizzie Bennett you jump your way through Jane Austen’s classic novel Pride and Prejudice. Targeting the casual gamer means getting you to buy it requires very little persuasion. At only 69p on the iOS store it’s cheaper than buying the book – and probably a lot more fun.

Ever, Jane can be summed up as World of Warcraft with more bodices. The Kickstarter page promises mini-games, including dancing (Dance Dance Revolution with bonnets?), fishing and Whist. Another huge aspect of Ever, Jane is the ability to spread gossip among your “friends” in order to raise your reputation throughout the game; allowing for endless hours of fun falling out with your friends – as well as Austen fanatics all across the globe – over the smallest of things. With a hope that the game will be fully playable within the next year and supporting several hundred people at the same time, Ever, Jane represents the next stage of Janeite madness that is gripping the nation.

Both Jane Austen video games look set to become firm tools for procrastination. And if the idea of being able to spread malicious online gossip in a digital version of Regency England does not tickle your fancy, then well I declare after all there is no enjoyment like reading gaming!

Frank Jackman

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