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Trying to land a date with that stunning Lit student from the floor below? Dazzle them with your feigned intellectualism, gleaned from LSi’s Cheat Guide. This week: bonnets galore with Jane Austen.


Elizabeth Bennet The feisty, yet attractive protagonist. Super pragmatic and an early feminist, could she be any cooler?

Jane Bennet Elizabeth’s eldest sister, almost more beautiful than she is naive. Fancies the rich and lovely Mr. Bingley

Mr. Collins Comically boring and conceited. How could any woman turn down such a gem?

Mr Darcy Haughty, judgemental, sullen and vain. What more could you ask for in a man? All he needs is Lizzie Bennet to put him and his prejudices in place and melt that heart for good.

Wickham Dreamboat soldier with a sob story, but really he’s a flirt and a liar.


Sisters in search of husbands. The classic ‘will they won’t they’ story is complicated with a system, under which the unmarried Bennet daughters cannot inherit their father’s property, so they’re on the lookout for nice, rich men. Embarrassing family situations, awkward run-ins, tears and heartbreak and finally some prosperous weddings ensue.


– All men are more appealing once you see their massive estate.

– Sexy guys in military uniforms with endless charm are always bad news.

– Personality, sass and a sense of humour can still result in marriage but will cause your mother a world of grief.

– Make sure to bring up the Age of Enlightenment, Mary Wollstonecraft and the progress of gender politics.

-Austen is HILARIOUS.

Anastasia Kennedy 

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