Lifestyle | Tips for a keeping warm this winter, just in time for the arrival of the arctic wind

Leeds has never been known for it’s good weather, and with the dark months of winter drawing fast upon us, things are about to get even colder. What’s more, by this point in the year your meagre student budget is probably looking a bit sparse and heating houses can be expensive. Thankfully, LSi has compiled a list of ways to help you keep warm right through until spring comes.

1. Clothing: extra layers equal extra warmth. Now’s the time to cast your t-shirts to the back of your wardrobe and throw on a few more jumpers. Or, if jumpers are a bit too mainstream, how about a selection of furs and animal carcasses? Tap into that Game of Thrones vibe.

2. Food: the humble bowl of porridge is often overlooked, but it’s cheap, warm and easy to make. The same goes for soup or beans on toast. If you can find a thermos to fill with tea/coffee/beverage of your choice, so much the better.

3. Hot water bottles: one of the more effective solutions on the list, the hot water bottle laughs in the face of cold. Fill a couple up before you go to bed and you’re guaranteed to be toasty warm all night. Going into Uni? Consider wearing a few under your coat. If you end up looking like the Michelin Man, then you’re on the right track.

4. Interior decorating: got any arty housemates? Sit down together and start making draught excluders. Rugs will warm up any wooden-floored room, and candles can help save on both light and heating bills. In extreme situations, a sheet hung over the doorframe should stop heat escaping from an open door.

5. Grow your hair; while it’s not true that most of your body’s heat is lost through your head, every little helps, right? Maybe skip the trip to the hairdressers’ this winter. Let your fro flow free and maybe take the chance to grow that kick-ass beard you’ve always wanted.

Bear this advice in mind and even the coldest of winters should be a walk in the park for you. Though if you’re still a tad on the chilly side, you can always accuse one of your housemates of witchcraft and stage a public burning. Just make sure to check with your landlord first.

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