News | Express Yourself campaign still short of target

The Union’s Express Yourself campaign has so far reached just under 10 per cent of

The campaign, which encourages students to voice their opinion on issues important to them, was launched on November 1 with the stated intention of getting “over 4,000″ students involved. At the time of going to print the survey had been completed by 3,000 students out of the 30,761 who at the University.

So far the study has found that students are more concerned about their finances since the rise in tuition fees last year.

The 25 minute survey is one part of Leeds University Union’s Strategic Review, a re-evaluation of Union services which takes place every four years.

The campaign has been promoted as the “biggest ever” piece of research into Leeds students and has been promoted heavily across campus. All students who are Union employees have also been asked to complete the survey during working hours.

The research ends on Sunday November 24.

Sean Hayes

Photo: Leeor Ohayon

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