News | Student sets record for planking

A student has broken the Edge’s female planking record with an impressive time of eight minutes, 20 seconds.

After four tense minutes, the student was the last competitor left planking. She surpassed the original record by two minutes, 10 seconds and was only a few seconds off the male plank record of eight minutes 30 seconds.

The competition was hosted by the Edge as part of a ‘class-a-thon’ to raise money for Children in Need. The sporty student was also the only participant to complete all six hours of back to back work out classes.

One spectator told LS: “I was really impressed with how long she managed to plank for.”

250 people took part in the charity event. Participants were given a choice of aerobic fitness, body weight conditioning and general cardio work outs.

Tom Exeter, the Edge’s Sales and Marketing Executive, told LS: “The day was a great success and everyone really enjoyed themselves.”

Nick Gandy

photo: Nick Gandy

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