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The Sun newspaper has been banned from sale at Leeds University Union following a vote by students.

The decision was made during the Better Union, Better University, Better Leeds Forums by a panel of twelve students who were selected to vote on the idea. The Forums give students the chance to voice their opinions and make changes on campus.  The full motion asked the Union to support the ‘No to page three’ campaign as well as to stop the sale of The Sun in the building.

Tuma Hayek, a student against the banning of the Sun is starting a petition to force the decision to a referendum. She argues “10 to me, seems a bit out of ratio compared to a student population of more than 30,000.”

A petition has been started asking David Dinsmore to remove page three from the newspaper. So far, there are 125,972 signatures asking for the removal of “naked breasts” in the paper. Facebook and Twitter pages have also been created as part of the  ‘No more page three’ brand.

The decision comes after the song “Blurred Lines” was banned from being played in the Union’s bars and clubs in September.

Average sales of the tabloid are currently about seven copies a week.

So far, 28 other Universities have banned the newspaper from being sold as part of the campaign.

Giovanni Da Costa

Maddy Keating


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