Food | Cheat and cheerful chicken & mushroom pie

Less of a recipe this week from one of our resident LSi chefs, Nick Smith, and more a combination of ready prepared ingredients – but what do you care? It’s a pie that takes just 20 minutes.

Ingredients (Serves 1 hungry person):

Tinned chicken in white sauce

Tinned sliced mushrooms

Salt and Pepper

Dried Rosemary

Dried Mushroom Soup Powder

Ready Rolled Puff Pastry

Butter, margarine or a whisked egg (to glaze the pastry)


Pre-heat the oven to 180 degress C (gas mark 4). Firstly put the chicken in white sauce in a pan and start to warm gently. Open out the pastry and cut out a rectangle approximately 12cm by 9cm. Lightly score lines across the top and then place on some baking parchment. You could wash the pastry with a whisked egg for a shiny finish, or simply spread some butter or margarine thinly on top. Place the pastry in the oven. It should take around 15 minutes to puff up and become golden brown on top.

Meanwhile, once the sauce is bubbling add the mushroom soup powder and the mushrooms and stir. Season with salt and pepper to taste, then sprinkle some rosemary in to compliment the chicken flavours. Place a lid on the pan and simmer until the pastry is perfect, then serve. Easy as pie.

Nick Smith

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