Fashion | Editor's Picks – Stocking Fillers

With Christmas merely weeks away, it’s time to get thinking about those perfect stocking fillers. Online Fashion Editor, Nina Keshmiri gives us the lowdown on her top picks. 

1)  Snowman Mittens, Asos, £10

We challenge these mittens to not get you in the Christmas spirit!
Urban Outfitters, £12.99
Urban Outfitters, £12.99

2) Nail Candy, Urban Outfitters, £12.99

More is more when it comes to nails during the festive season, and this book knows no bounds!

Moxham £160
Moxham £160
3) DASHA Anklets, Moxham £160

Put some jingle jangle in your step and revive any heels with these anklets.
4) Knit your own boyfriend,, £7.99
This year to save me from tears I’m going to knit my own.
rouge allure £25 chanel
 5) Rouge Allure, Chanel, £25
A slick of red is all a girl needs.
£60 filofax original organiser
6) Original Organiser, Filofax, £60
Starting as we mean to go on this January and who said that couldn’t be stylish?

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