News | Laptop stolen in daylight robbery

A student has had his laptop stolen when burglars smashed his window with a brick 10 minutes after he left the house.

The burglary took place at 1pm, in broad daylight after third year student Max Bruges left his house last Sunday.

One burglar threw a brick through the window, situated at the back of the house, on the ground floor. The burglar managed to steal the laptop from the desk before on of the Bruges’ housemates entered the room.

He told LS: “I heard an immense crash so immediately jumped up to see what happened. When I walked past the bedroom door I noticed glass over the floor and saw two men charging down the street outside.”

On discovering the break in, the victim’s housemate called him to return to the property on Norwood Terrace, after which Bruges immediately called the police.

A builder renovating a house opposite witnessed the incident. He described one burglar as a white male with ginger hair and a heavily freckled face. Mr Bruges told LS: “Despite the builder getting a good look at the burglar, the chances are that I won’t see my laptop again.”

He added: “it’s really worrying that something like that could happen in the middle of the day when witnesses are around, but it just goes to show how bad the burglary situation is in Hyde Park.”

Christian Green

Photo: Max Bruges

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