TV | Sherlock – A reflection on the season three teaser trailer

New Year’s Day has just overtaken December 25th in my list of favourite dates, for one reason, and one reason only: Sherlock is back.

Yes, last week, the BBC released the first, tantalising glimpse of Season Three of the hit drama, sparking off a frenzy of internet speculation. Having been left waiting almost two years to discover how the elusive Sherlock, played by the divine Benedict Cumberbatch, succeeded in faking his own death, fans have launched into a mass Twitter debate, using #Sherlock Lives.

The minute-long trailer may be short, but it certainly packs an intense punch. It appears as though the whole gang will be returning in the new series, including Mrs Hudson and Detective Inspector Lestrade, much to the relief of many enthusiasts. However, despite this reassuring news, little else is revealed, leaving viewers with yet more questions. Who is Doctor Watson’s mysterious new bed partner? Where has Sherlock been for the past two years? And, most importantly: why is Martin Freeman sporting such a ridiculous moustache?

We can only hope that all will be answered when The Empty Hearse premieres at 9pm on New Year’s Day. Until then, you will find myself and my fellow Cumberbitches locked to our laptops, endlessly replaying the interactive trailer. Well played, BBC.

Catch the trailer here 

Sarah Weir 


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