News | Tequila club night is cancelled

The club night Tequila has cancelled its planned relaunch at Halo tonight.

In a statement released on their Facebook page Thursday evening, the club night declared it had been forced to “cancel Tequila tonight” due to Leeds Licensing saying Halo “would more than likely face a review” if the night went ahead.




The previous venue for Tequila, Mezz, had its license revoked earlier this week following controversy and protests over their “Freshers Violation” video.

Freya Potter, co-ordinator for Femsoc, said she was pleased with Leeds Licensing’s stance, stating “I hope this sends out a clear message to all clubs in our city that trivialising rape puts the future of their businesses at risk, and forces them to avoid objectifying women in their marketing.”

Halo has yet to comment.

Caris Shekell

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