News | Union card compares women to dogs

A card comparing women to dogs and suggesting that they have chlamydia has been on sale in the Union this week.

The card, which featured a picture of a dog and the title ‘Beware of the dog’ with the slogan ‘She may look sexy in those hot pants, but she’s probably got Chlamydia’ was being sold in Cats gift shop. Following a backlash on social media the card was removed from sale.

Freya Potter, co-ordinator of the Feminist society said: “The card is offensive and degrading towards women and it goes against what LUU stands for.”

Leeds University Union work in connection with NUS Services Limited to decide what it will stock. Brain Box Candy, the company that makes the cards, is a NUS approved product range and has been stocked by the Union since 2012. The card range was approved by the Exec at the time.

Union Affairs officer Bradley Escorcio said: “The Exec didn’t ever see this exact design but my understanding is that they were comfortable with the range more generally, and felt it was up to students if they chose to purchase from it or raise it as a concern.”

Maddy Keating

Photo: Helena BrookTweet card

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